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That specializes in quality property deals, Tailored funding solution for developers and builders & Quality investment opportunities for Sophisticated Investors

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

For Investors

A selection of quality Australian property investments from first mortgage through to preferred equity. The variation allows investors to best meet their risk return requirements.

For Developers & Builders

Access to funding tailored to best meet your cash flow needs in an efficient and professional manner.

Who is Capex Private?

Who is Capex Private?

Capex Private is a specialist property funding solutions group, providing direct access to private and institutional sources of funding for property transactions.

Importantly, Capex Private is an alternative funding provider, meaning it does not offer access to conventional funding such as banks, but rather offers funding through its strong network of private funders.

Capex Private does not act as a broker acts in that it does not simply ‘refer’ property projects to funders for a fee.

Rather, Capex Private is respected and relied upon by its funders to adequately review and assess property transactions that each specific funder is known to have an appetite for. In doing so, Capex Private is very learned in identifying which property projects are most suitable for specific funders – thereby increasing the likelihood of funds being placed on a deal-by-deal basis.

Sources of funds are varied, but typically include high-net-worth investors, significant family-offices, private funds and institutional partners, both locally in Australia and ASEAN. Capex Private benefits from years of experience in pairing borrowers with funders and its team has successfully been involved in the facilitation of over $1b in property funding in recent years.

Capex private facilitates access to private funding for property projects:

  • First mortgage funding

  • Mezzanine funding

  • Preferred equity/Structured debt arrangements

  • Joint-ventures

Lending requirements are not able to be precisely recorded, as each private funder has its own unique lending criteria, which vary depending on a range of circumstances such as the project type, location, sponsor experience, LVRs and so on. However, generally speaking, private funders have less stringent funding requirements when compared to traditional sources of funding such as banks and also are more likely to lend to higher LVRs.

The benefits of private funding as compared to traditional funding are well-recorded, but generally include:

  • Speed of lending

  • Higher LVRs

  • Lower presale requirements

  • Lower restrictions on foreign buyer presales

  • Flexible and custom lending terms

Why Capex Private?

Why Capex Private?

Commercial services are at the core of Capex Private’s business. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to help make the borrower’s experience as efficient and profitable as possible. Capex Private seeks to understand a client’s entire financial position before making recommendations.

While we may be soft on sales, we are strong on conviction – if we believe an opportunity has merit, we will ensure that borrowers have a full understanding of how the privately funded debt facility can work. Capex Private discloses, in writing, all fees and service expectations, and prioritizes client confidentiality in compliance with the industry’s rules, regulations and standards.

ASIC Licensing:

Through a related party, Capex Private is authorized representatives of an Australian Financial Services License “AFSL” issued by ASIC that allows the operations outlined here-in

Loan Origination:

We have credibility with a network of high-quality loan referrers and borrowers that new participants cannot access.

Credit Review and Loan Approval:

In-house capability of seasoned loan underwriters supported by a background in law and principal property investing. Capex Private meet with every borrower, inspect each property, engage a suitably qualified valuation consultant, and uses specialized legal firms to document each loan.

Experience and culture:

The team is a perfect mix of experience and talent, ideal to undertake the many variations in property investment and to have access to funding through a number of different channels. Our approach is highly collaborative promoting a positive culture, to ensure Capex Private can continue to grow responsibly with proper governance structures.

Portfolio Management and Asset Recovery:

Portfolio Management and Asset Recovery if required by experience consultants.




Capex Private is an Australian based Non-Banking lending practice providing developers and builders access to funding whilst providing a deep understanding of what and how the financial needs each project requires.

We provide non-conforming commercial loans for a range of security types.

Our funding resources consist of:

  • Direct funding service via fund manager

  • Funding from key partners in Europe and South East Asia

  • Funding from sophisticated investors

  • Debt advisory service via originates the loan from non-banking financial institutions


  • Capitalizing on the opportunities available in the property development market, Capex Private offers investment opportunities across the property capital stack [mainly first mortgage loan, lowly leveraged 2nd mortgage loans or preferred equity] to investors with the appropriate underlying security.

  • Loans or preferred equity are targeted to asset values in the $1-20 million range where the buyer and refinance liquidity is deep.

  • Loans or preferred equity can be chosen by investors to build your own portfolio to suit your investment and cash flow needs. There are no fees paid by the investor as the borrower pays all associated loan costs.

  • On a deal-by-deal basis, Capex Private offer participation in these investments to HNW / Sophisticated Investors and Institutions seeking fixed income returns with real estate backing, and in the case of preferred equity personal guarantees.

  • Each deal is created in its own Special Purpose Vehicle “SPV” – This provides investors choice and complete control in the investments they participate in.

  • Capex Private are the managers of the SPV’s throughout the term of the loan to ensure it is professionally managed from origination to repayment.

  • Sophisticated investors – Documentary evidence required usually from the accountant.

  • Net assets in excess of $2.5 million, or.

  • Gross income in excess of $250,000 for each of the last two financial years

Property investments that are suitable for:

  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

  • Investors seeking property exposure

  • Family offices

  • Financial planners/wealth manager

  • Overseas investors (tax withhold where appropriate)

Our Partners

Our Partners



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Our Offices

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